About Magazine

15 years of operating on the Czech properties market have inspired us to create the first magazine for Russian-speaking readers in the Czech RepublicREAL ESTATE. CZECH Exclusive‘s main function is the sale of residential and commercial properties to the upper middle class . One way of supporting this activity is our magazine, which provides comprehensive information on the Czech market and everything related to real estate.

The magazine is published in Russian and English and distributed for free 


Our target readers are people 40 years of age and over. This demographic category is crucial for the magazine due to the nature of offered services and products: such clients posses sufficient resources for investments and many of them have traveled around the world and know that real estates is a wise long-term investment. With REAL ESTATE, we overcome language barriers and communicate with our clients in their native language, which helps our partner advertisers, developers, and everyone interested in coopertaion with CZECH Exclusive carry on a dialog with Russian-speaking buyers and investors.


An advertiser can be an individual interested in selling a property exclusively through our firm or any company of small, medium, and large turnover:

 Development companies

 Real estate agencies

 Companies operating in the construction industry

 Producers of construction materials

 Furniture manufacturers and woodworkers

 Designers and distributors or manufacturers of interior and exterior accessories


REAL ESTATE covers all major distribution channels and the places of accumulation of Russian and English-speaking clientele:

4–  and 5–star hotels in the Czech Republic

Russian-speaking countries, such as Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan

Aeroflot flights and all major airports of the Czech Republic

 Historically attractive places, luxurious hotels, golf resorts and SPAs, massage parlors, ski resorts, tourist information centers, and other expensive places in Prague, Karlovy Vary, and other cities of the Czech Republic

5 500 copies are delivered directly into the hands of readers – potential investors

1 000 issues are sent to each of our 4 branches in Russia and 2 in Ukraine

3 000 copies are delivered to our registered advertisers