Cheat Sheet for Buyers of Czech Property

Numerous abbreviations, such as 4 + kk, T, B, L, are an integral part of the Czech real estate terminology.

Two most popular letters that a buyer sees when buying real estate in the Czech Republic are an abbreviation kk. Kuchyňský kout is what is meant by kk, which is a kitchenette in the Czech language.

A kitchenette is usually located in a large room, which is generally used as a living room. Thus, popular studio apartments are identified by the abbreviation 1 + kk.

The kitchenette allows us to arrange the space of the living room in numerous original ways: sliding and folding walls, color highlighting, draperies, different ceiling heights, different flooring, a podium, an arch that separates the kitchenette from the living room, and other design techniques can be used to create a harmonious or contrasting space.

An apartment that consists of two rooms where one has a kitchenette is called 2 + kk. With the help of simple arithmetic, we will always identify a tree-room apartment with a kitchenette by abbreviation 3 + kk, and so on. The next important abbreviation is 1 + 1, or 2 + 1, 3 + 1, and so on. Here, the first number shows how many rooms (excluding the kitchen) there are in the apartment and + 1 means that there is a full-fledged kitchen. The thing is, Czechs are incredibly social people and instead of getting together in the kitchen would rather spend time with family and friends in a cafe or a restaurant; that is why, kitchenettes are a popular option that allows to save space at the expense of the kitchen (which is not used all that much anyway) and create a spacious living room instead.

Also, living without an open space in summer where one can fix up a little garden or put a table and comfortable chairs to enjoy morning coffee or the glass of a fresh drink in the midday heat is impossible. That is why, pay attention to abbreviations B, L, and T that stand for a balcony (balkón), loggia (lodžie), and terrace (terasa) respectively.

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