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Property Purchase in Czech Republic - CZECH Exclusive
Property Purchase in Czech Republic

At the very beginning, we would like to mention that restrictions on real estate purchase (including land plots) by foreigners do not exist in the Czech Republic. Yes, and taxes on real estate are minimal – about € 30 a year. CZECH Exclusive suggests you consider all aspects of an investment into the Czech market. Firstly, the Czech real estate market is stable and reliable. During the property bubble collapse, the Czech Republic faced only minimal growth in the housing prices and experienced no rapid decline of the market, which was observed in other European countries. Since the Czech Republic joined the EU in 2004, the Czech property prices rose by 10-15% up to 2007 and then jumped up by additional 30-40%. However, during the property crisis, there was a small correction of the housing prices on the Czech market, and from 2009 until now the stabilization of the price growth has been underway.

Apart from the stability of the Czech market, an important piece of information for those who consider investing into Czech real estate is the fact that the Czech legal system, within which a purchase is carried out, is highly reliable. The purchase of real estate is performed with the clear understanding of what parties’ rights are.

The Czech Republic has always attracted us with its European life style and the low cost of living and real estate. Not only are we attracted by charming capital of the Czech Republic Prague, but also the Kynžvart resort, a popular children’s health resort specializing in the treatment of respiratory diseases, the resort in the Czech town of Luhačovice with its world-famous mineral water, popular resort Teplice, which is comparable with its nature and scenic beauty to famous resorts of Switzerland, as well as Konstantinovy Lázně, Bohdaneč, Český Krumlov, Karlovy Vary, and many others.

The Czech Republic provides ample opportunities to get an excellent education. The quality of education in the Czech Republic meets international standards of the “ISCED” organization. There are numerous universities, colleges, summer programs, and quality MBA programs.

To top off all the mentioned advantages, we would like to indicate that the Czech Republic is considered the safest country in the European Union: the low crime rate and a highly developed morale of the citizens make the country an ideal place for living and starting a family.

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