30 km to the second largest city of the Czech Republic Brno. A superb villa situated in a picturesque green area offers comfortable living for a large family and perfect conditions for horse breeding and riding. An exceptional location and expensive finishing materials give the place the highest status. The villa, finished in 2010, was designed by a famous architect. It will serve you as an ideal permanent residence or as a country house where you can enjoy holidays with the whole family. Large windows offer a breathtaking panoramic view of the plains, Rousínov valley, Ždárnický forest, and Pavlovské hills. The endless Drahanské highlands originate in the North. The landscaped area of 5 644 m², the built-up area of 655 m² (264 m² – a Master house, 55 m² – independent guardian’s apartment,  70 m² – facilities for horse riding, and 266 m² – stables).

Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury:

 Finest natural materials

Pure lines

Intricate composition

Functional details

Seven British boxes 4×3 m with the panels made of natural poplar

A storage of horse feed and bedding for a whole year

■ Personal sand manege

■ Extensive pastures