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Testimonials - CZECH Exclusive

“I accidently discovered this company in 2012, when I was planning to launch a business project in the Czech Republic. CZECH Exclusive’s team of specialists worked quickly and with high professionalism. They suggested the concept of my future restaurant and a business plan to develop it; they also selected a suitable commercial space. On top of that, the employees of the company reconstructed the place, selected equipment for the restaurant, and recruited qualified personnel. By March 2013, CZECH Exclusive delivered me a fully working business in one of the busiest areas of Prague – Karlin. Cooperation with CZECH Exclusive allowed me to significantly reduce the time and energy spent on starting a business. Communication process was unhindered and built in my best interests, including financial concerns. The restaurant is located at Křižíkova 28, Praha – Karlín.”


“From my personal experience I confirm that the company can be trusted. CZECH Exclusive assisted me in choosing the optimal apartment that matched my paying capabilities and satisfied my desires. I had been offered several interesting options in the shortest time. The transaction was carried out impeccably, with full legal support. In the course of events, the company’s employees also helped me to rent my apartment and still manage the apartment today. A few years later, in December 2013, I contacted CZECH Exclusive with the request to help me to find and acquire commercial premises, and the company did not let me down. Currently, the employees are working on a business plan for my future grocery store and a bistro. Once the project is implemented, the company will disclose the store’s address and invite everybody interested for an opening.”


“Thanks to CZECH Exclusive I managed to make a good investment in 2005. The company’s employees helped me with the purchase of a building for a luxury hotel in the town of Marianske Lazne. A turnkey reconstruction of the facilities, including a rather complex redevelopment plan, was carried out quickly and professionally. In 2007, CZECH Exclusive helped me to sell the hotel at a considerable profit. Thus, gains were almost double the initial investment.”


“My acquaintance with CZECH Exclusive took place in 2005, when I was looking for an object for a major investment of about EUR 2 000 000 on the Czech real estate market. The company’s team proved to be real specialists in their field! The acquisition of 20 two-bedroom apartments in one of the new buildings of Prague was carried out at the highest level of professionalism. All apartments were fully furnished and later rented by CZECH Exclusive. The company has been managing my property for many years. Every year CZECH Exclusive provides me with a full account on the profit from the lease and an up to date report on the market value of the property, which has exceeded 4 million euros by now. I would definitely recommend the company to anyone who plans to enter the Czech real estate market.”

David and Leyla

“When our daughter entered one of Prague’s universities, we decided it was the high time to buy property in the Czech Republic. On the recommendation of our friends, we contacted CZECH Exclusive. We were absolutely delighted by the apartments that the company’s employees offered us and bought 2 apartments at once, one for our daughter and the other for ourselves. Having implemented the transaction, the company’s specialists developed great interior design projects for our apartments and handed us to turnkey flats. The only thing we had to do is to enter our new fully furnished apartments. I am pleased to recommend CZECH Exclusive to all those who value their time and understand that the quality of received services is well worth the spent resources.”

Edward and Stella

“We were looking for an opportunity to expand our living space and, having scrutinized a large variety of options, opted for the idea of ​​constructing our own house near Prague. The Czech market is full of offers, but all the nuances of the market are not obvious to a layman’s eyes. With the help of CZECH Exclusive the process of building of the house went smoothly at every step: the selection of a 1 200-square-meter plot of land in Líbeznice, a city located a few kilometers away from Prague, the paperwork, the process of construction, the development of the project, and the landscape, interior, and exterior designs were implemented with professionalism. Within a few months, we threw a housewarming party in the house of our dreams. I would also like to thank the staff of CZECH Exclusive for the timely help with acquiring a residence permit in the Czech Republic.”

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